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Made from Scratch, that’s how we make our food. We use recipes that have been handed down for generations, and we use fresh, simple, honest, quality ingredients.

We believe that when a meal is prepared and cooked fresh with the best ingredients, it not only tastes better it makes you feel better. Of course, this takes time. But we’ve got time. That’s why we start early in the morning baking all our breads, hamburger buns, biscuits and muffins.  Pies, cakes and cookies are all baked daily. All day long we’re cutting and chopping meats and vegetables, forming our hamburger patties and making and remaking our sauces and side dishes to ensure your order is always the freshest it can be.

Not everyone makes the effort to do things this way.

But when you are at one of our tables with your friends and family, we want you to feel taken care of and appreciated in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We hope you enjoy every moment and every bite.  When we see the smile on your face and know you are enjoying our food that is made of quality and care, that motivates us to start again from scratch every day.

The Plaza Café Southside is the offspring of the legendary Plaza Café, 
a Santa Fe institution since 1947, owned by the Razatos family. Southside owner Leonard Razatos 
opened his restaurant in 2003 on Cerrillos Road, and in the summer of 2009 
moved to a new home near the Regal Stadium 14 movie theaters in San Isidro Plaza.


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Don't feel like cooking? We also offer catering, whether you're looking for food to serve at a business luncheon or a special event, check out our catering menu.

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